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We are a Toronto based 2D & 3D architectural rendering company, working in the field of rendering, 2D rendering, 3D landscape rendering, urban design, photo montage, landscape BIM/Revit, sketch up model, Conceptual Design Set, Design Development Set, Site Plan Approval Set, Construction Drawing Set, Landscape Lighting Set, architectural animation, Planting Plan Set, Site Furniture Set, Visual Impact Study, Sun-Shadow Study and drafting services. We specialize in 2D and 3D rendering and modeling. Veduta Design offers services of rendering and modeling in Toronto, Calgary, Mississauga, Chicago, Florida, Miami and many parts of the Canada and USA.



Veduta Design produces a full range of still images for projects that range in scope from single views to a full slate of exterior shots. Our larger projects demand an array of various types of renderings that include but are not limited to; overall views of the project, intimate street-level views, public and amenity areas, and 2D site plan views.


Concept Design

We collaborate with urban planning and landscape architecture offices as a subconsultant or joint venture partner to assist with design development and presentation part for the mater planning, residential communities, resort design and architectural concept design.


Shadow study

The shadow studies services will help in understanding of the potential impacts of shadows on the adjacent properties. Veduta can assess the sun-shadow impact of proposed built-form scenarios on their surrounding context with the assistance of latest computer programs, allowing us to generate realistic shadow casting at critical times of the day and dates during the year..


Raj Patel

Raj Patel


Raj Patel is a Toronto based urban and landscape designer. He received his B.Arch degree with from SU and a Master of Urban Designer from University of Toronto, where he received best student award for his class. He is an intern member of OALA and worked with various landscape architecture firms as a senior project manager and designer before establishing Veduta Design. At Veduta Design, as a Principal, he is responsible for daily operations. In parallel to Veduta Design, he directs RPD Studio and assists design offices in North America for international projects.

Cassandra Wilson

Nick Maroulis

Marketing Head

Nick Maroulis graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Architecture and has over ten years of project management experience. Nick is currently also a Project Manager at a prominent architectural firm in Downtown Toronto. As an associate of Veduta Design, Nick runs the Marketing and Development sector of the business. With a strong understanding of the architectural and developer business in the Greater Toronto Area, Nick is able to guide the team to surpass client aspirations and goals

Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn

Project manager

Michael Quinn earned his Bachelor of Art at the University of Toronto. There he acquired a particular interest in interactive technology, animation and urban design. At Veduta Design, as a project manager, Michael is responsible for the technical side with a strong focus on the detailing. Whether at studio or at home, you'll find him pushing the envelope of innovation..


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